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We are the Jones family and a husband and wife team. Our journey started in 2020 during the pandemic and when pregnant with our second child. For over 10 years we have developed a portfolio of properties, my husband is a qualified engineer and I worked as a manager for a major trade distribution company. Like a lot of people during this time our current jobs were slow which enabled us to tackle some of our own outstanding DIY home projects.  When sourcing supplies we came to realise we were forced into buying more than required due to pack quantities and ended up with a whole host of surplus materials which would have ended up in the bin or un-necessarily stored in the garage.

This led us onto our journey as we started to sell off our unused individual materials to people in the same situation as us. We quickly realised the gap in the market for quality supplies where you can order the exact quantity required without overpaying. 

The demand for our products with less waste and more value quickly grew and soon required me to give up my full time job to be able to keep up with our orders which were growing on a daily basis and fully focus on our business growth. We are so proud that through hard work we have managed to move into a new premises and recruit staff. 

We have achieved all of this whilst still maintaining our core values of providing high responsive customer service with a friendly and caring approach and offering high quality products in the amounts that you require with reduced waste at valuable prices. We now specalise in hardware, fixings and fasteners and are a reliable trusted supplier for our Trade customers.

Company Registration - 13248598
VAT Registered - GB 424873579

Specialists in Hardware, Fixings and Fasteners

Your DIY Fulfilment, is our business !

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